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Used Pianos for Sale

When buying a used piano it is important to trust you are getting an instrument that has life in it and doesn’t not require unplanned costly rebuilding the day after you will begin using it. We only offer quality pianos that have been vetted by Prospero and meet with his stringent requirements of good condition, quality and value. We offer Southwest Florida’s best selection of grand pianos and uprights.

Used Pianos buying guide

The piano market is the hottest it has been since the turn of the 20th century. Stay at-home work and schooling during the pandemic brought the lifestyle change that put having a piano in your home at the top of the must-buy lists again. Quality pianos are impossible to find and prices have been rising steadily, much like the housing market. The most important parameter when buying used piano is condition: if the piano was well cared for it will sound/play better and serve longer that a deserted and mistreated super-brand like Steinway. Unless you are concert pianist or a professional technician most defeats and flaws of the poorly maintained piano are not visible to a naked eye, but will be discovered later, when the piano is being played. Only a reputable specialist knows what to check and what to look for when assessing a second market piano. Replacement of the soundboard, strings, or piano action down the road can end up coming more that the piano itself. When buying from us, all that work has already been done so you can have a peace of mind that your investment is protected. Unlike private transactions, we offer a limited warranty on the normal use of our pianos. Among our offerings you can often find great deals on top piano brands like Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai and Baldwin.

Conveniently located in SW Florida we serve Naples, Bonita Springs and Fort Myers. Take an easy drive and visit our location to try yourself our current inventory.


  • A used baby grand of a top piano brand in a good condition costs anywhere between 10- 30K depending on the maker, size and other details such as cosmetic condition of the case, limited edition etc. The second-tier brand can cost 5-10K. If a grand piano is priced under 5K it may require more than its cost to be put into it in order to be usable. Seek professional opinion. If the deal is too good to be true – it is not a good deal.

  • Rusty strings, cracks in the soundboard, keys that are uneven to the eye, notes that don’t go down/bounce back up, chipped keys, non-functioning pedals, worn out felt on the hammers, non-functioning dampers.

  • Yes. We provide a unique limited warranty on our used pianos so you will be covered, assuming the normal use of your piano. To learn more about our warranty please call us or email us here.